ggdmc (

Cognitive Models.

Hierarchical Bayesian modelling. The 'ggdmc' package provides tools designed for fitting cognitive models, using population-based Markov Chain Monte Carlo (pMCMC) and fast C++ libraries. The paper by Heathcote, Lin, Reynolds, Strickland, Gretton, and Matzke (2018, ) describes the early prototype of the package (by the version 0.4.2). The paper accompanied with the revamped latest version (> is under preparation Lin, Strickland, Reynold, and Heathcote (2018) and a further paper regarding the new pMCMC sampling modified based on Hu and Tsai's (2010) work is also under preparation. See 'citation("ggdmc")' for details.

Maintainer: Yi-Shin Lin
Author(s): Yi-Shin Lin [aut, cre], Andrew Heathcote [aut]

License: GPL-2

Uses: coda, data.table, ggmcmc, ggplot2, matrixStats, Rcpp, rtdists, tmvtnorm

Released over 1 year ago.