A review of ggplot2 (0.8.3)


this package is AWESOME!!

I happened to run across a presentation of ggplot2 at roughly the same time I needed just what it supplies best: a visually stunning way to VERY QUICKLY look through data in an exploratory sense.

The package is amazing, but it seems I am not the only one to feel this way.

Instead, I just wanted to mention that sometimes the "British vs. American" spelling does make some mistakes. E.g., if I write:

qplot(x,y,data=myDF, alpha=I(1/20), colour=factor)

this will properly use the "factor" as a means to separate by color & automatically create a legend.

but if I write

qplot(x,y,data=myDF, alpha=I(1/20), color=factor)

this will fail.

Also, looking at the above example, it'd be great if the legend would not be "alpha-ed" along with the points. The data set I used above was huge, with a lot of overlapping data, so I needed a low alpha. But then the legend colors become impossible to see, and I need to generate another graph with alpha=I(1) in order to capture the legend.

I am not complaining, though: this is an amazing package that has improved 'R' more so than anything else I have ever come across! Big kudos to Hadley!!