ggthemes (3.0.0)

Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for `ggplot2`.

Some extra themes, geoms, and scales for `ggplot2`. Provides `ggplot2` themes and scales that replicate the look of plots by Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, `Fivethirtyeight`, `The Economist`, `Stata`, `Excel`, and `The Wall Street Journal`, among others. Provides `geoms` for Tufte's box plot and range frame.

Maintainer: Jeffrey B. Arnold
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Arnold [aut, cre], Gergely Daroczi [ctb], Bo Werth [ctb], Brian Weitzner [ctb], Joshua Kunst [ctb], Baptise Auguie [ctb], Bob Rudis [ctb], Hadley Wickham [ctb, cph] (Code from the ggplot2 package.), Justin Talbot [ctb] (Code from the labeling package)

License: GPL-2

Uses: assertthat, colorspace, ggplot2, scales, mapproj, maps, plyr, reshape2, knitr, extrafont, pander
Reverse depends: Eagle, ggraptR
Reverse suggests: balance, bomrang, coinmarketcapr, enigma, fitbitScraper, fivethirtyeight, ggalt, ggformula, ggmcmc, ggstatsplot, ggTimeSeries, GSODR, iNEXT, iNextPD, nzelect, pdSpecEst, plotly, plotROC, propr, quickReg, rzeit2, stars, tigris, tree.bins

Released over 3 years ago.