gllvm (0.1.0)

Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models.

Generalized linear latent variable model (gllvm) for analyzing multivariate data. Estimation is performed using either Laplace approximation or variational approximation method implemented via TMB (Kristensen et al., (2016), ). Details for gllvm, see Hui et al. (2015) and (2017) and Niku et al. (2017) .

Maintainer: Jenni Niku
Author(s): Jenni Niku, Wesley Brooks, Riki Herliansyah, Francis K.C. Hui, Sara Taskinen, David I. Warton

License: GPL-2

Uses: fishMod, MASS, Matrix, mvabund, mvtnorm, Rcpp, statmod, TMB

Released about 2 years ago.