glmaag (0.0.3)

Adaptive LASSO and Network Regularized Generalized Linear Models.

Efficient procedures for adaptive LASSO and network regularized for Gaussian, logistic, and Cox model. Provides network estimation procedure (combination of methods proposed by Ucar, et al. (2007) and Meinshausen and Buhlmann (2006) ), cross validation and stability selection proposed by Meinshausen and Buhlmann (2010) and Liu, Roeder and Wasserman (2010) methods. Interactive R app is available.

Maintainer: Kaiqiao Li
Author(s): Kaiqiao Li [aut, cre], Pei Fen Kuan [aut], Xuefeng Wang [aut]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: data.table, foreach, ggplot2, gridExtra, huge, Matrix, maxstat, OptimalCutpoints, plotROC, pROC, Rcpp, shiny, survival, survminer, knitr, rmarkdown

Released 8 months ago.