glmmTMB (0.1.4)

Generalized Linear Mixed Models using Template Model Builder.

Fit linear and generalized linear mixed models with various extensions, including zero-inflation. The models are fitted using maximum likelihood estimation via 'TMB' (Template Model Builder). Random effects are assumed to be Gaussian on the scale of the linear predictor and are integrated out using the Laplace approximation. Gradients are calculated using automatic differentiation.

Maintainer: Mollie Brooks
Author(s): Arni Magnusson [aut], Hans Skaug [aut], Anders Nielsen [aut], Casper Berg [aut], Kasper Kristensen [aut], Martin Maechler [aut], Koen van Bentham [aut], Ben Bolker [aut], Mollie Brooks [aut, cre]

License: AGPL-3

Uses: lme4, Matrix, nlme, TMB, MCMCpack, bbmle, coda, ggplot2, lattice, mlmRev, pscl, MASS, testthat, reshape2, knitr
Reverse suggests: afex, AICcmodavg, broom.mixed, buildmer, ggeffects, ggstatsplot, glmmboot, insight, parameters, performance, sjlabelled, sjPlot, sjstats

Released over 2 years ago.