googleVis (0.2.14)

Interface between R and the Google Visualisation API.

The googleVis package provides an interface between R and the Google Visualisation API. Users of the googleVis package can easily create web pages with interactive charts based on R data frames and display them either with the local R HTTP help server or within their own sites, without uploading the data to Google. A browser with Flash and Internet connection is required. Please visit the project web site for more information and examples.

Maintainer: Markus Gesmann
Author(s): Markus Gesmann, Diego de Castillo

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: RJSONIO, R.rsp, brew, pscl
Reverse depends: TradeStrategyAnalyzer
Reverse suggests: BayesNetBP, bayesTFR, googlePublicData, Kmisc, Lahman, NanoStringNorm, spacetime, tfplot, vegdata

Released over 7 years ago.