gridExtra (2.3)

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Miscellaneous Functions for "Grid" Graphics.

Provides a number of user-level functions to work with "grid" graphics, notably to arrange multiple grid-based plots on a page, and draw tables.

Maintainer: baptiste
Author(s): Baptiste Auguie [aut, cre], Anton Antonov [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: gtable, ggplot2, lattice, testthat, knitr
Reverse depends: ACSNMineR, CA3variants, CAvariants, climwin, cr17, difNLR, dotwhisker, DTR, egg, flowDiv, gdimap, GOplot, granovaGG, HH, lcc, MCAvariants, metacart, msme, ncappc, NIRStat, nonmem2R, onlineCPD, pbdPROF, PPtreeViz, primerTree, qgcomp, RATest, RDS, rfPermute, rorutadis, RSA, snht, sparkTable, spc4sts, strvalidator, survMisc, tcR, TeachBayes, WVPlots, YourCast
Reverse suggests: adept, aimPlot, autoimage, BAMBI, bayesplot, BayesSenMC, beadplexr, binneR, bomrang, braidReports, brainGraph, breathtestcore, bujar, cate, cda,, CircSpaceTime, compboost, copula, countfitteR, ctsem, ddpcr, detrendr, disclapmix, distreg.vis, dotwhisker, dtwSat, eechidna, eesim, EFDR, eikosograms, ensr, evolqg, exuber, FField, fgeo.plot, fivethirtyeight, fpp2, frailtyEM, frailtySurv, funData, futureheatwaves, ggalt, ggbeeswarm, ggExtra, ggjoy, ggmcmc, ggmosaic, ggQC, ggrepel, ggridges, ggsci, gMOIP, grapherator, GSODR, gWQS, hbbr, hhh4contacts, HistData, hrbrthemes, hydrolinks, hyfo, ifaTools, IncDTW, INDperform, iNEXT, iNextPD, intkrige, isocat, jcolors, KSD, LocalControl, lpirfs, LSAmitR, ltbayes, MachineShop, mcMST, medicalrisk, mlrMBO, mlt.docreg, mlxR, nandb, naniar, nlmixr, npregfast, OutliersO3, packcircles, pammtools, ParamHelpers, planar, pmc, PopED, portfolioBacktest, powerlmm, PPforest, prevtoinc, PupilPre, QuantumClone, raptr, rattle, RcmdrPlugin.MA, regressoR, remote, retrodesign, RGraphics, rotations, rpf, rreg, rstanarm, RStoolbox, RTransferEntropy, RxODE, SCGLR, SemNeT, sgd, SHAPforxgboost, simstudy, sjPlot, Sofi, soilDB, solarius, speaq2, spind, spup, StatRank, stormwindmodel, SUMMER, surveillance, texmex, trackr, tram, TriMatch, tukeytrend, vivo, vortexR, VWPre, walker, walkr, XGR, xgxr, xpose, xspliner, zenplots

Released about 2 years ago.

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  4.0/5 (1 vote)

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