gsl (1.9-10.2)

Wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library.

An R wrapper for the special functions and quasi random number generators of the Gnu Scientific Library ( See gsl-package.Rd for details of overall package organization, and Misc.Rd for some functions that are widely used in the package, and some tips on installation.

Maintainer: Robin Hankin
Author(s): Robin K. S. Hankin; qrng functions by Duncan Murdoch and multimin by Andrew Clausen

License: GPL-3

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: aws, BTYD, dti, evmix, gdimap, geospt, iDEMO, LambertW, mbbefd, metacor, palinsol, pgs, QRM, rGammaGamma, tggd
Reverse suggests: Bessel, BTYDplus, dti, dynamichazard, LambertW, maRketSim, MBESS, metafor, NFWdist, PearsonDS, rcosmo, scoringRules, spatstat, SplitSoftening, surveillance, TunePareto, uGMAR

Released about 3 years ago.