hapassoc (1.2-8)

Inference of Trait Associations with SNP Haplotypes and Other Attributes using the EM Algorithm.


The following R functions are used for inference of trait associations with haplotypes and other covariates in generalized linear models. The functions are developed primarily for data collected in cohort or cross-sectional studies. They can accommodate uncertain haplotype phase and handle missing genotypes at some SNPs.

Maintainer: Kelly Burkett
Author(s): K. Burkett <kburkett@uottawa.ca>, B. McNeney <mcneney@sfu.ca>, J. Graham <jgraham@stat.sfu.ca>, with code for case-control data contributed by Zhijian Chen <z11chen@math.uwaterloo.ca>

License: GPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: LBLGXE

Released almost 5 years ago.