highriskzone (1.3)

Determining and Evaluating High-Risk Zones.


Functions for determining and evaluating high-risk zones and simulating and thinning point process data, as described in 'Determining high risk zones using point process methodology - Realization by building an R package' (Seibold, 2012) and 'Determining high-risk zones for unexploded World War II bombs by using point process methodology' (Mahling et al., 2013).

Maintainer: Heidi Seibold
Author(s): Heidi Seibold <Heidi.Seibold@uzh.ch>, Monia Mahling <monia.mahling@stat.uni-muenchen.de>, Sebastian Linne <Sebastian.Linne@campus.lmu.de>

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: deldir, fields, ks, Matrix, rgeos, spatstat

Released over 4 years ago.