httpuv (1.0.5)

HTTP and WebSocket server library.

httpuv provides low-level socket and protocol support for handling HTTP and WebSocket requests directly from within R. It is primarily intended as a building block for other packages, rather than making it particularly easy to create complete web applications using httpuv alone. httpuv is built on top of the libuv and http-parser C libraries, both of which were developed by Joyent, Inc. (See LICENSE file for libuv and http-parser license information.)

Maintainer: Joe Cheng
Author(s): RStudio, Inc.

License: GPL-3 + file LICENSE

Uses: Rcpp
Reverse depends: Rfacebook, Rlinkedin, webglobe
Reverse suggests: AzureAuth, AzureRMR, curl, googleVis, httr, rchie, rorcid, rsconnect, tricolore, urlshorteneR, vkR, webshot, webutils

Released over 6 years ago.