idealstan (0.7.2)

Generalized IRT Ideal Point Models with 'Stan'.

Offers item-response theory (IRT) ideal-point estimation for binary, ordinal, counts and continuous responses with time-varying and missing-data inference. Full and approximate Bayesian sampling with 'Stan' ().

Maintainer: Robert Kubinec
Author(s): Robert Kubinec [aut, cre], Jonah Gabry [ctb], Ben Goodrich [ctb], Trustees of Columbia University [cph]

License: GPL

Uses: bayesplot, dplyr, forcats, gghighlight, ggplot2, ggrepel, lazyeval, Rcpp, rlang, rstan, rstantools, scales, shinystan, stringr, svDialogs, tidyr, R.rsp, pscl, lubridate, loo

Released about 1 month ago.