idiogramFISH (1.5.1)

Idiograms with Marks and Karyotype Indices.

Plot idiograms of several karyotypes having a set of dataframes for chromosome data and optionally mark data. Includes also a function to plot holocentrics and its marks supporting micrometers and Mb. Marks can have square or dot form, its legend (label) can be drawn inline or to the right of karyotypes. It is possible to calculate chromosome indices by Levan et al. (1964) , karyotype indices of Watanabe et al. (1999) and Romero-Zarco (1986) and classify chromosomes by morphology Guerra (1986) and Levan et al. (1964).

Maintainer: Fernando Roa
Author(s): Fernando Roa [aut, cre], Mariana PC Telles [ctb]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: badger, crayon, kableExtra, knitr, prettydoc, rmarkdown, rvcheck, ggplot2, RCurl, phytools, ggpubr

Released 3 months ago.