insideRODE (2.0)

insideRODE includes buildin functions with deSolve solver and C/FORTRAN interfaces to nlme, together with compiled codes..

insideRODE package includes buildin functions from deSolve, compiled functions from compiler, and C/FORTRAN code interfaces to nlme. It includes nlmLSODA, nlmODE, nlmVODE,nlmLSODE for general purpose; cfLSODA,cfLSODE, cfODE, cfVODE call C/FORTRAN compiled dll functions.ver2.0 add sink()function into example it helps to directly combine c/fortran source code in R files. Finally, with new compiler package, we generated compiled functions: nlmODEcp, nlmVODEcp, nlmLSODEcp,nlmLSODAcp and cpODE, cpLSODA, cpLSODE, cpVODE. They will help to increase speed.

Maintainer: YUZHUO PAN

License: LGPL (> 2.0)

Uses: deSolve, lattice, nlme

Released almost 9 years ago.