installr (0.9)

Functions for updating and installing a new version of R and other software - from R.

The 'installr' package aims at making the process of updating R on Windows as easy as possible. Also, the package contains a (growing) set of functions for allowing users to install new software (on Windows OS) using R. By simply running the installr() function, the user can easily select (via a GUI interface) a software to install. There are also dedicated functions for installing each software, such as: updateR(), install.RTools(), install.pandoc(), and many more. While for Linux users, the installation process of new software may be just running a short line of code, for the regular Windows user it often includes browsing online, finding the latest version, downloading it, running the installer, and deleting the installation file. All of these steps are automatically done using functions in this package.

Maintainer: Tal Galili
Author(s): Tal Galili

License: GPL-2

Uses: XML, devtools
Reverse suggests: BrailleR, reports, RInno

Released over 4 years ago.