ipumsr (0.4.2)

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An easy way to import census, survey and geographic data provided by 'IPUMS' into R plus tools to help use the associated metadata to make analysis easier. 'IPUMS' data describing 1.4 billion individuals drawn from over 750 censuses and surveys is available free of charge from our website .

Maintainer: Derek Burk
Author(s): Greg Freedman Ellis [aut], Derek Burk [aut, cre], Joe Grover [ctb], Minnesota Population Center [cph]

License: Mozilla Public License 2.0

Uses: cli, crayon, dplyr, haven, hipread, pillar, purrr, R6, raster, Rcpp, readr, rlang, tibble, tidyselect, xml2, zeallot, DBI, RSQLite, biglm, ggplot2, sp, rgdal, testthat, scales, knitr, shiny, rstudioapi, htmltools, rmarkdown, covr, DT, sf, dbplyr
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Released 12 months ago.