iterators (1.0.6)

Iterator construct for R.

Support for iterators, which allow a programmer to traverse through all the elements of a vector, list, or other collection of data.

Maintainer: Revolution Analytics
Author(s): Revolution Analytics

License: Apache License (== 2.0)

Uses: RUnit, foreach
Reverse depends: bcp, clustvarsel, doFuture, doRNG, GA, GAparsimony, hdlm, lgcp, MetaQC, MonoInc, parboost, rcdk, RootsExtremaInflections, RQEntangle, scidb, SDDE, sms, spacom,
Reverse suggests: assignPOP, CircSpaceTime, clustermq, DEoptim, dfConn, diveRsity, dplR, editrules, EGRETci, epiGWAS, GA, GeneralTree, liqueueR, plyr, PortfolioAnalytics, SGP, solarius, treedater
Reverse enhances: itertools

Released over 7 years ago.