lakemorpho (1.0.2)

Lake Morphometry Metrics in R.

Lake morphometry metrics are used by limnologists to understand, among other things, the ecological processes in a lake. Traditionally, these metrics are calculated by hand, with planimeters, and increasingly with commercial GIS products. All of these methods work; however, they are either outdated, difficult to reproduce, or require expensive licenses to use. The \code{lakemorpho} package provides the tools to calculate a typical suite of these metrics from an input elevation model and lake polygon. The metrics currently supported are: fetch, maximum length, maximum width, mean width, maximum depth, mean depth, shoreline development, shoreline length, surface area, and volume.

Maintainer: Jeffrey W. Hollister
Author(s): Jeffrey W. Hollister [aut, cre]

License: CC0

Uses: geosphere, maptools, raster, rgdal, rgeos, sp

Released over 3 years ago.