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Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice.

Building on the infrastructure provided by the lattice package, this package provides several new high-level functions and methods, as well as additional utilities such as panel and axis annotation functions.

Maintainer: Deepayan Sarkar
Author(s): Deepayan Sarkar <>, Felix Andrews <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: jpeg, lattice, png, RColorBrewer, deldir, mapproj, maps, mgcv, quantreg, tripack, zoo, MASS
Reverse depends: agridat, AssayCorrector, BoutrosLab.plotting.general, COMBIA, DAAG, ELT, gamclass, HH, latticist, lfstat, nonmem2R, pencopula, pencopulaCond, playwith, pubh, R2STATS, R2wd, rasterVis, RcmdrPlugin.HH, RcmdrPlugin.temis, siatclust, sitree, solaR, statnetWeb, twang, vwr, waterData, weightedKmeans, wskm
Reverse suggests: afex, agridat, aqp, clusterCons, DClusterm, dexter, directlabels, DTAT, ergm, febr, gcKrig, gnn, hnp, hyperSpec, intkrige, lattice, LSRS, mapi, mcglm, microplot, mirt, mlt.docreg, mountainplot, openair, pals, remote, RGraphics, Rmisc, rtdists, sharpshootR, soilDB, solaR, statnetWeb, survSNP, tbm, tdr, tram, vagalumeR

Released 4 months ago.

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