learnr (0.10.0)

Interactive Tutorials for R.


Create interactive tutorials using R Markdown. Use a combination of narrative, figures, videos, exercises, and quizzes to create self-paced tutorials for learning about R and R packages.

Maintainer: Barret Schloerke
Author(s): Barret Schloerke [aut, cre] (<https://orcid.org/0000-0001-9986-114X>), JJ Allaire [aut], Barbara Borges [aut], RStudio, Inc. [cph], Ajax.org B.V. [ctb, cph] (Ace library), Zeno Rocha [ctb, cph] (clipboard.js library), Nick Payne [ctb, cph] (Bootbox library), Jake Archibald [ctb, cph] (idb-keyval library)

License: Apache License (>= 2.0)

Uses: checkmate, ellipsis, evaluate, htmltools, htmlwidgets, jsonlite, knitr, markdown, rappdirs, renv, rmarkdown, rprojroot, shiny, withr, testthat, callr, rlang
Reverse suggests: disk.frame, vegawidget

Released 3 months ago.