lessR (1.8.3)

Less Code, More Results.


Each function accomplishes the work of several or more standard R functions. For example, two function calls, rad() and full(), together read the csv data and generate descriptive statistics for all variables in the data frame, plus histograms and bar charts for all respective numerical and non-numerical variables. The function smd.t.test introduces the ODDSMD plot, which displays the Overlapping Density Distributions of two independent groups as well as a visual display of the mean difference and standardized mean difference. Other functions provide for descriptive statistics, the t-test from descriptive statistics, a comprehensive regression analysis, color plotting, color bar chart, color histogram, color box plot, density curves, a calibrated power curve plotted with colors, and the reading and display of csv formatted data. The function help.me provides a help system that suggests specific analyses and functions.

Maintainer: David W. Gerbing
Author(s): David W. Gerbing, School of Business Administration, Portland State University

License: GPL-2

Uses: MBESS, car, leaps

Released over 8 years ago.