lhs (0.5)

Latin Hypercube Samples.


This package provides a number of methods for creating and augmenting Latin Hypercube Samples

Maintainer: Rob Carnell
Author(s): Rob Carnell <carnellr@battelle.org>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: acebayes, bootfs, DiceOptim, DoE.wrapper, EasyABC, GPfit, KrigInv, netgen, penalizedSVM, rrepast, spsh, tuneRanger
Reverse suggests: BayesianTools, ChemoSpec2D, ContourFunctions, DiceDesign, DiceOptim, dynparam, dynwrap, fanovaGraph, flacco, GAparsimony, GPlab, hetGP, hydroPSO, IGP, kergp, laGP, maximin, mistat, moko, OptimaRegion, paradox, ParamHelpers, RKHSMetaMod, SACOBRA, spartan, SPOT, vdg

Released about 11 years ago.