liayson (1.0.2)

Linking Singe-Cell Transcriptomes Atween Contemporary Subpopulation Genomes.

Given an RNA-seq derived cell-by-gene matrix and an DNA-seq derived copy number segmentation, LIAYSON predicts the number of clones present in a tumor, their size, the copy number profile of each clone and the clone membership of each single cell (Andor, N. & Lau, B., et al. (2018) ).

Maintainer: Noemi Andor
Author(s): Noemi Andor

License: GPL-2

Uses: ape, arules, distances, e1071, gplots, matlab, phangorn, plyr, proxy, RColorBrewer, fpc, mclust, modeest, pastecs, vegan, NbClust

Released 7 months ago.