limSolve (1.1)

Solving linear inverse models.

Functions that (1.) Find the minimum/maximum of a linear or quadratic function: min or max (f(x)), where f(x) = ||Ax-b||^2 or f(x) = sum(ai*xi) subject to equality constraints Ex=f and/or inequality constraints Gx>=h. (2.) Sample an underdetermined- or overdetermined system Ex=f subject to Gx>=h, and if applicable Ax~=b. (3.) Solve a linear system Ax=B for the unknown x. Includes banded and tridiagonal linear systems. The package calls Fortran functions from LINPACK

Author(s): Karline Soetaert <>, Karel Van den Meersche <>, Dick van Oevelen <>

License: GPL

Uses: lpSolve, quadprog
Reverse depends: AMIAS, BCE, BiGGR, EMMAgeo, fuzzyreg, geospt, LIM, MLCIRTwithin, MultiLCIRT, networkTomography, ragtop, spaceExt, treedater
Reverse suggests: CHNOSZ, pi0, valuer

Released almost 2019 years ago.