lintr (1.0.1)

A 'Linter' for R Code.

Checks adherence to a given style, syntax errors and possible semantic issues. Supports on the fly checking of R code edited with 'RStudio IDE', 'Emacs', 'Vim', 'Sublime Text' and 'Atom'.

Maintainer: Jim Hester
Author(s): Jim Hester [aut, cre]

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: codetools, crayon, digest, httr, igraph, jsonlite, knitr, rex, rstudioapi, stringdist, testthat, rmarkdown
Reverse suggests: biolink, BTYDplus, caretEnsemble, dat, datarobot, datastructures, DBItest, describer, devtools, diffusr, easyml, edpclient, geofacet, GGally, ggfortify, ggthemes, jwutil, modules, opencage, Plasmidprofiler, rbokeh, rex, rodham, ropenaq, spaero, tuber, virustotal

Released 12 days ago.