lpSolve (5.6.5)

Interface to Lp_solve v. 5.5 to solve linear/integer programs.


Lp_solve is freely available (under LGPL 2) software for solving linear, integer and mixed integer programs. In this implementation we supply a "wrapper" function in C and some R functions that solve general linear/integer problems, assignment problems, and transportation problems. This version calls lp_solve version 5.5.

Maintainer: Sam Buttrey
Author(s): Michel Berkelaar and others

License: LGPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: AcrossTic, Aoptbdtvc, ata, cabootcrs, capme, cherry, clime, Compind, CSclone, EDFIR, EpistemicGameTheory, fPortfolio, goalprog, ibd, imprProbEst, ioanalysis, irr, jeek, JointNets, kappalab, limSolve, linprog, mcclust, MCLIME, mediation, modQR, mpcv, nonparaeff, pathClass, PHInfiniteEstimates, QCA, RcmdrPlugin.EHESsampling, RcmdrPlugin.sampling, sampling, sdcTable, simule, StatMatch, WhatIf
Reverse suggests: catdata, clue, heemod, ivmte, missMethods, netgen, packcircles, PracTools, relations, sdcTable, StatMatch, TestDesign

Released almost 10 years ago.