ltm (0.9-4)

Latent Trait Models under IRT.

Analysis of multivariate dichotomous and polytomous data using latent trait models under the Item Response Theory approach. It includes the Rasch, the Two-Parameter Logistic, the Birnbaum's Three-Parameter, the Graded Response, and the Generalized Partial Credit Models.

Maintainer: Dimitris Rizopoulos
Author(s): Dimitris Rizopoulos <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: MASS, msm, mvtnorm, polycor
Reverse depends: difR, GPCMlasso, IMTest, infutil, integIRTy, irtoys, kequate, lordif, pcaPA, PCMRS, PerFit, QVM, subscore
Reverse suggests: catIrt, equateIRT, equateMultiple, latdiag, sirt, VARSEDIG

Released over 9 years ago.