lubridate (1.7.1)

Make Dealing with Dates a Little Easier.

Functions to work with date-times and time-spans: fast and user friendly parsing of date-time data, extraction and updating of components of a date-time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds), algebraic manipulation on date-time and time-span objects. The 'lubridate' package has a consistent and memorable syntax that makes working with dates easy and fun. Parts of the 'CCTZ' source code, released under the Apache 2.0 License, are included in this package. See for more details.

Maintainer: Vitalie Spinu
Author(s): Vitalie Spinu [aut, cre], Garrett Grolemund [aut], Hadley Wickham [aut], Ian Lyttle [ctb], Imanuel Constigan [ctb], Jason Law [ctb], Doug Mitarotonda [ctb], Joseph Larmarange [ctb], Jonathan Boiser [ctb], Chel Hee Lee [ctb]

License: GPL-2

Uses: Rcpp, stringr, testthat, knitr, covr
Enhances: chron, tseries, zoo, fts, xts, timeDate, timeSeries, tis
Reverse depends: archivist, baytrends, Biograph, boxoffice, dataPreparation, decctools, MetFns, MRMR, phenocamapi, pitchRx,, RGoogleAnalytics, RGoogleAnalyticsPremium, sltl, tidyquant, TimeProjection, tolBasis, TreeDep, TSAgg, tuneRanger, weatherr
Reverse suggests: adept, arcos, arrow, basictabler, BETS, blorr, camtrapR, CAST, ChillModels, completejourney, correlationfunnel, crawl, descriptr, diffdf, dint, diversitree, dplyr, drake, eurostat, ezplot, fabletools, fhidata, fivethirtyeight, flashlight, ggformula, ggvis, githubinstall, GSODR, gtfsrouter, guardianapi, HistData, hms, htmlTable, idealstan, ie2miscdata, implyr, inferr, Lock5withR, madness, marcher, mdsr, midasr, mosaic, NHSRdatasets, Nmisc, nyctaxi, oce, olsrr, opensensmapr, padr, photobiologySun, pillar, pinochet, pivottabler, processanimateR, ProjectTemplate, psymonitor, rAmCharts, rasterly, raw, rdflib, rdpla, Rdrools, RGENERATEPREC, RMAWGEN, roadoi, rpdo, rtimes, segmentr, simtimer, statar, stats19, tabulog, tidyjson, treedater, trip, unvotes, UsingR, vegawidget, wbstats, wingui, xtractomatic

Released about 2 years ago.