lubridate (0.2.2)

Make dealing with dates a little easier.

Lubridate makes it easier to work with dates and times by providing functions to identify and parse date-time data, extract and modify components of a date-time (years, months, days, hours, minutes, and seconds), perform accurate math on date-times, handle time zones and Daylight Savings Time. Lubridate has a consistent, memorable syntax, that makes working with dates fun instead of frustrating.

Maintainer: Hadley Wickham
Author(s): Hadley Wickham <>, Garrett Grolemund <>

License: GPL

Uses: plyr, stringr, testthat
Enhances: chron, its, tseries, zoo, fts, xts, timeDate, timeSeries, tis
Reverse depends: archivist, baytrends, Biograph, boxoffice, dataPreparation, decctools, MetFns, MRMR, phenocamapi, pitchRx,, RGoogleAnalytics, RGoogleAnalyticsPremium, sltl, tidyquant, TimeProjection, tolBasis, TreeDep, TSAgg, tuneRanger, weatherr
Reverse suggests: adept, arcos, arrow, basictabler, BETS, blorr, camtrapR, CAST, ChillModels, completejourney, correlationfunnel, crawl, descriptr, diffdf, dint, diversitree, dplyr, drake, eurostat, ezplot, fabletools, fhidata, fivethirtyeight, flashlight, ggformula, ggvis, githubinstall, GSODR, gtfsrouter, guardianapi, HistData, hms, htmlTable, idealstan, ie2miscdata, implyr, inferr, Lock5withR, madness, marcher, mdsr, midasr, mosaic, NHSRdatasets, Nmisc, nyctaxi, oce, olsrr, opensensmapr, padr, photobiologySun, pillar, pinochet, pivottabler, processanimateR, ProjectTemplate, psymonitor, rAmCharts, rasterly, raw, rdflib, rdpla, Rdrools, RGENERATEPREC, RMAWGEN, roadoi, rpdo, rtimes, segmentr, simtimer, statar, stats19, tabulog, tidyjson, treedater, trip, unvotes, UsingR, vegawidget, wbstats, wingui, xtractomatic

Released about 9 years ago.