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A Forward-Pipe Operator for R.

Provides a mechanism for chaining commands with a new forward-pipe operator, %>%. This operator will forward a value, or the result of an expression, into the next function call/expression. There is flexible support for the type of right-hand side expressions. For more information, see package vignette. To quote Rene Magritte, "Ceci n'est pas un pipe."

Maintainer: Stefan Holst Milton Bache
Author(s): Stefan Milton Bache <> and Hadley Wickham <>

License: MIT + file LICENSE

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: cdparcoord, cleanNLP, CollapseLevels, d3plus, efreadr, expss, FedData, flatr, forestplot, gbp, ggpubr, gitlabr, gwdegree, imager, jug, lidR, Luminescence, multiplyr, packagetrackr,, seleniumPipes, skm, sp500SlidingWindow, tangram
Reverse suggests: arsenal, assertr, backpipe, bayesAB, bdscale, bigsnpr, bossMaps, brr, canvasXpress, Census2016, checkmate, curl, datacheckr, DBI, DiagrammeR, eemR, elpatron, ensurer, errorlocate, evolqg, exprso, fivethirtyeight, fold,, freesurfer, FSelectorRcpp, gender, ggfan, ggstance, glue, htmltab, hyper2, icd9, imputeTestbench, infuser, intubate, largeVis, lettercase, LW1949, magick, manifestoR, medicare, MESS, mosaic, mpoly, mschart, ngramrr, odbc, ompr, ompr.roi,, osmdata, palettetown, phylocanvas, pkggraph, pomp, rAltmetric, rAmCharts, RDML, recexcavAAR, regexPipes, replyr, ReporteRs, Rga4gh, RInno, rio, rmapshaper, rmetasim, rpdo, setter, shiny, SocialMediaLab, soql, spAddins, spant, sticky, stremr, texPreview, tidyjson, TLMoments, toxboot, units, wikipediatrend, windfarmGA, WRTDStidal, xml2, xxIRT, zeallot
Reverse enhances: cowsay

Released about 3 years ago.



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