mapproj (1.2-4)

Map Projections.

Converts latitude/longitude into projected coordinates.

Maintainer: Alex Deckmyn
Author(s): Doug McIlroy. Packaged for R by Ray Brownrigg and Thomas P Minka, transition to Plan 9 codebase by Roger Bivand.

License: Lucent Public License

Uses: maps
Reverse depends: eeptools, epibase, Geneland, magicaxis, oce, palaeoSig, pavo, SPADAR
Reverse suggests: agridat, aire.zmvm, animint2, bomrang, census, cmsaf, colorplaner, CompRandFld, dams, dggridR, eeptools, eurostat, fhidata, fiftystater, FRK, futureheatwaves, GADMTools, Geneland, GGally, gggibbous, ggplot, ggplot2, ggspatial, ggthemes, ggvoronoi, GSODR, knitrBootstrap, latticeExtra, MapGAM, maps, marmap, mosaic, move, natserv, nzelect, oce, pavo, RAM, refuge, RGraphics, rsinaica, stormwindmodel, taRifx.geo, TeachingDemos, trackdf, viridis
Reverse enhances: maps

Released over 4 years ago.