mdsOpt (0.1-4)

Searching for Optimal MDS Procedure for Metric Data.

Selecting the optimal multidimensional scaling (MDS) procedure for metric data via metric MDS (ratio, interval, mspline) and nonmetric MDS (ordinal). Selecting the optimal MDS procedure for statistical data referring to the evaluation of tourist attractiveness of Lower Silesian counties (BORG I., GROENEN P.J.F., MAIR P., (2013) , DE LEEUW J., MAIR P., (2015) , WALESIAK M., (2016) ).

Maintainer: Andrzej Dudek
Author(s): Marek Walesiak <> Andrzej Dudek <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: clusterSim, smacof, testthat

Released almost 3 years ago.