mediation (4.4.6)

Causal Mediation Analysis.

We implement parametric and non parametric mediation analysis. This package performs the methods and suggestions in Imai, Keele and Yamamoto (2010) , Imai, Keele and Tingley (2010) , Imai, Tingley and Yamamoto (2013) , Imai and Yamamoto (2013) and Yamamoto (2013) . In addition to the estimation of causal mediation effects, the software also allows researchers to conduct sensitivity analysis for certain parametric models.

Maintainer: Teppei Yamamoto
Author(s): Dustin Tingley <>, Teppei Yamamoto <>, Kentaro Hirose <>, Luke Keele <>, Kosuke Imai <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Hmisc, lme4, lpSolve, MASS, Matrix, mvtnorm, sandwich, SuppDists, VGAM, mgcv, quantreg, survival
Reverse suggests: emmeans, gmediation, lsmeans

Released 11 months ago.