metafor (0.5-5)

Meta-Analysis Package for R.

The metafor package consists of a collection of functions for conducting meta-analyses in R. Fixed- and random-effects models (with and without moderators) can be fitted via the general linear (mixed-effects) model. For 2x2 table data, the Mantel-Haenszel and Peto's method are also implemented.

Maintainer: Wolfgang Viechtbauer
Author(s): Wolfgang Viechtbauer <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: bayesmeta, hetmeta, ipdmeta, MCPerm, metaforest, metaplus, metawho, RcmdrPlugin.MA, SAMURAI
Reverse suggests: agridat, bayesmeta, clubSandwich, forestmodel, MAc, MAd, meta, metagen, metansue, metaplotr, metarep, metaSEM, metaviz, mixmeta, mvmeta, parameters, performance, publipha, RcmdrPlugin.MAd

Released over 10 years ago.