metagear (0.1)

Comprehensive Research Synthesis Tools for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis.

Functionalities for facilitating systematic reviews, data extractions, and meta-analyses. It includes a GUI (graphical user interface) to help screen the abstracts and titles of bibliographic data; tools to assign screening effort across multiple collaborators/reviewers and to assess inter-reviewer reliability; tools to help automate the download and retrieval of journal PDF articles from online databases; automated data extractions from scatter-plots; PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses) flow diagrams; simple imputation tools to fill gaps in incomplete or missing study parameters; generation of random effects sizes for Hedges' d, log response ratio, odds ratio, and correlation coefficients for Monte Carlo experiments; covariance equations for modelling dependencies among multiple effect sizes (e.g., effect sizes with a common control); and finally summaries that replicate analyses and outputs from widely used but no longer updated meta-analysis software. Funding for this package was supported by National Science Foundation (NSF) grants DBI-1262545 and DEB-1451031.

Maintainer: Marc J. Lajeunesse
Author(s): Marc J. Lajeunesse [aut, cre]

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: gWidgets, gWidgetsRGtk2, MASS, Matrix, metafor, stringr

Released over 3 years ago.