microbenchmark (1.1-0)

Sub microsecond accurate timing functions..


Provides infrastructure to accurately measure and compare the execution time of R expressions.

Maintainer: Olaf Mersmann
Author(s): Olaf Mersmann <olafm@datensplitter.net>

License: FreeBSD + file LICENSE

Uses: ggplot2
Reverse depends: dvmisc, timeit
Reverse suggests: ADMMsigma, AhoCorasickTrie, aoos, base64url, BBmisc, bigstatsr, biwavelet, brotli, carSurv, checkmate, coga, colorSpec, colourvalues, comparer, coop, cubature, Cyclops, dat, dbscan, deBInfer, dendextend, dendextendRcpp, dotCall64, dplyr, DtD, dvmisc, ensr, fasterize, flippant, foolbox, fourierin, fromo, FSelectorRcpp, funrar, GauPro, GeneralTree, glue, gRain, gRbase, h5, hashmap, hutils, icd, icd9, IncDTW, JacobiEigen, jsonify, kernDeepStackNet, Kmisc, lazyeval, matchingR, matrixStats, mchof, mgsub, mistral, mkin, MLML2R, multistateutils, munsellinterpol, mvnfast, mvp, NetLogoR, nLTT, NPflow, optimParallel, osmdata, osrmr, outbreaker2, pander, parglm, PeakSegJoint, penaltyLearning, PGRdup, phonics, pmatch, polyCub, POUMM, prcbench, princurve, pROC, profmem, progress, R6, ratelimitr, ratematrix, RcppAlgos, RcppEigen, RcppMsgPack, RcppRoll, RcppTN, RcppZiggurat, rdhs, re2r, rENA, revdbayes, riskParityPortfolio, Rlinsolve, robustlmm, rollRegres, rscala, rucrdtw, rust, RxODE, SAMCpack, schumaker, SCPME, seismicRoll, sf, simPop, simtimer, spacesRGB, spacesXYZ, SpaDES.core, SpaDES.tools, storr, strider, tailr, tibble, TLMoments, uniqueAtomMat, valr, WeightedROC, Wmisc, wrswoR

Released almost 8 years ago.