microplot (1.0-25)

Microplots (Sparklines) in 'LaTeX', 'Word', 'HTML', 'Excel'.


The microplot() function writes a set of R graphics files to be used as microplots (sparklines) in tables in either 'LaTeX', 'HTML', 'Word', or 'Excel' files. For 'LaTeX', use the 'Hmisc::latex' function or 'xtable::xtable' function to construct 'latex' tabular environments which include the graphs. These can be used directly with the operating system 'pdflatex' or 'latex' command, or by using one of 'Sweave', 'knitr', 'rmarkdown', or 'Emacs' 'org-mode' as an intermediary. For 'Word', the MSWord* functions use the 'ReporteRs::FlexTable' and 'ReporteRs::pot_img' functions to construct 'Word' tables which include the graphs. There are several distinct approaches for constructing HTML file. The simplest is to use the MSWord* with argument 'filetype="html"'. Alternatively, use either 'Emacs' 'org-mode' or the 'htmlTable::htmlTable' function to construct an 'HTML' file containing tables which include the graphs. For 'Excel' use on 'Windows', the file 'examples/irisExcel.xls' includes 'VBA' code which brings the individual panels into individual cells in the spreadsheet. Examples in the 'examples' subdirectory and demos are shown with 'lattice' graphics, 'base' graphics, and 'ggplot2' graphics. Examples for 'LaTeX' include 'Sweave' (both 'LaTeX'-style and 'Noweb'-style), 'knitr', 'emacs' 'org-mode', and 'rmarkdown' input files and their 'pdf' output files. Examples for 'HTML' include 'org-mode' and 'Rmd' input files and their webarchive 'HTML' output files. In addition, the 'as.orgtable' function can display a 'data.frame' in an 'org-mode' document. The examples for 'Word' (with either 'filetype="docx"' or 'filetype="html"') work with all operating systems. The package does not require the installation of 'LaTeX' or 'Word' to be able to write '.tex' or '.docx' files.

Maintainer: Richard M. Heiberger
Author(s): Richard M. Heiberger, with contributions from Karen Byron and Nooreen Dabbish.

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: ggplot2, HH, Hmisc, htmltools, lattice, ReporteRs, latticeExtra, xtable, reshape2, knitr, markdown, rmarkdown, htmlTable
Reverse suggests: HH

Released over 2 years ago.