minimaxdesign (0.1.4)

Minimax and Minimax Projection Designs.

Provides two main functions, minimax() and miniMaxPro(), for computing minimax and minimax projection designs using the minimax clustering algorithm in Mak and Joseph (2018) . Current design region options include the unit hypercube ("hypercube"), the unit simplex ("simplex"), the unit ball ("ball"), as well as user-defined constraints on the unit hypercube ("custom"). Minimax designs can also be computed on user-provided images using the function Design quality can be assessed using the function mMdist(), which computes the minimax (fill) distance of a design.

Maintainer: Simon Mak
Author(s): Simon Mak

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses:, DiceDesign, DoE.base, doParallel, doSNOW, foreach, FrF2, gmp, gtools, jpeg, MaxPro, nloptr, pdist, randtoolbox, Rcpp

Released 7 months ago.