minval (0.6)

MINimal VALidation for Stoichiometric Reactions.


For a given set of stoichiometric reactions, this package evaluates the mass and charge balance, extracts all reactants, products, orphan metabolites, metabolite names and compartments. Also are included some options to characterize and write models in TSV and SBML formats.

Maintainer: Daniel Osorio
Author(s): c(person("Daniel","Osorio",email="dcosorioh@unal.edu.co",role=c("aut","cre")), person("Janneth","Gonzalez",role=c("aut","ths")), person("Andres","Pinzon",role=c("aut","ths")))

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: testthat, knitr, sybil, sybilSBML, rmarkdown

Released almost 3 years ago.