mlbench (1.1-3)

Machine Learning Benchmark Problems.

A collection of artificial and real-world machine learning benchmark problems, including, e.g., several data sets from the UCI repository.

Maintainer: Friedrich Leisch
Author(s): Friedrich Leisch and Evgenia Dimitriadou. Original data sets from various sources.

License: Free for non-commercial purposes. See the file README and the help pages of the data sets for details.

Uses: e1071, scatterplot3d
Reverse depends: adabag, clusterSim, conformalClassification, gamclass, GAMens, ipred, mpbart, nodeHarvest, stream, validator
Reverse suggests: adabag, archetypes, ATR, auditor, bnclassify, BoomSpikeSlab, Boruta, caret, caretEnsemble, ck37r, clusterSim, Cubist, datarobot, discrim, doParallel, doSNOW, e1071, easystab, evtree, EZtune, fastNaiveBayes, fastshap, flacco, flexmix, fscaret, FSelector, FTRLProximal, gamclass, GAparsimony, ggparty, GMDH2, gmum.r, h2o, HSAUR3, IPMRF, ipred, itree, klaR, LLM, localICE, mboost, mlearning, mlr, mlr3pipelines, mlrCPO, mlt.docreg, mobForest, neighbr, party, partykit, performanceEstimation, pmml, pre, r2pmml, randomForestSRC, RBPcurve, RODM, rvmbinary, RWeka, SemiSupervised, smartdata, sparklyr, spikeSlabGAM, SuperLearner, tidypredict, tidyrules, tram, TWIX, varrank, vip, vivo, zooimage

Released over 12 years ago.