move (3.3.0)

Visualizing and Analyzing Animal Track Data.

Contains functions to access movement data stored in '' as well as tools to visualize and statistically analyze animal movement data, among others functions to calculate dynamic Brownian Bridge Movement Models. Move helps addressing movement ecology questions.

Maintainer: Bart Kranstauber
Author(s): Bart Kranstauber [aut, cre], Marco Smolla [aut], Anne K Scharf [aut]

License: GPL (>= 3)

Uses: geosphere, httr, memoise, raster, Rcpp, rgdal, sp, xml2, circular, ggplot2, mapproj, maptools, testthat, lubridate, adehabitatHR, adehabitatLT, ggmap, knitr, bcpa, leaflet, EMbC, ctmm
Reverse depends: EMbC, moveWindSpeed
Reverse suggests: amt, ctmm, EMbC, recurse, segclust2d, trackdf

Released 2 months ago.