msm (0.9.5)

Multi-state Markov and hidden Markov models in continuous time.

Functions for fitting general continuous-time Markov and hidden Markov multi-state models to longitudinal data. Both Markov transition rates and the hidden Markov output process can be modelled in terms of covariates. A variety of observation schemes are supported, including processes observed at arbitrary times, completely-observed processes, and censored states.

Maintainer: Christopher Jackson
Author(s): Christopher Jackson <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: mvtnorm, survival
Reverse depends: BaSTA, Biograph, bscr, BVS, CatDyn, CEoptim, ctarma, difNLR, eiPack, elect, geiger, glmdm, GLMMarp, hysteresis, lordif, ltm, NEff, NHMM, phytools, RM2, RMark, rriskDistributions, score, Surrogate, surveillance, trioGxE, WPC
Reverse suggests: fitteR, flexsurv, geiger, hesim, markovchain,, pder, RcppTN, surveillance

Released almost 10 years ago.