mudata2 (1.0.6)

Interchange Tools for Multi-Parameter Spatiotemporal Data.

Formatting and structuring multi-parameter spatiotemporal data is often a time-consuming task. This package offers functions and data structures designed to easily organize and visualize these data for applications in geology, paleolimnology, dendrochronology, and paleoclimate. See Dunnington and Spooner (2018) .

Maintainer: Dewey Dunnington
Author(s): Dewey Dunnington [aut, cre] (<>)

License: GPL-2

Uses: dplyr, fs, ggplot2, jsonlite, lubridate, magrittr, readr, rlang, stringr, tibble, tidyr, tidyselect, withr, RSQLite, testthat, knitr, rmarkdown, covr, hms, sf, dbplyr
Reverse suggests: rclimateca

Released 10 months ago.