nLTT (1.3.1)

Calculate the NLTT Statistic.

Provides functions to calculate the normalised Lineage-Through- Time (nLTT) statistic, given two phylogenetic trees. The nLTT statistic measures the difference between two Lineage-Through-Time curves, where each curve is normalised both in time and in number of lineages.

Maintainer: Thijs Janzen
Author(s): Thijs Janzen [aut, cre], Richel Bilderbeek [aut]

License: GPL-2

Uses: ape, coda, deSolve, Hmisc, ggplot2, plyr, testthat, TreeSim, reshape2, microbenchmark, knitr, DDD, TESS, testit, rmarkdown

Released almost 3 years ago.