ncappc (0.3.0)

NCA Calculations and Population Model Diagnosis.

A flexible tool that can perform (i) traditional non-compartmental analysis (NCA) and (ii) Simulation-based posterior predictive checks for population pharmacokinetic (PK) and/or pharmacodynamic (PKPD) models using NCA metrics.

Maintainer: Andrew Hooker
Author(s): Chayan Acharya [aut], Andrew C. Hooker [aut, cre], Gulbeyaz Y. Turkyilmaz [aut], Siv Jonsson [aut], Mats O. Karlsson [aut]

License: GPL-3

Uses: bookdown, Cairo, dplyr, ggplot2, gridExtra, gtable, knitr, lazyeval, magrittr, PopED, purrr, readr, reshape2, rlang, rmarkdown, scales, tibble, tidyr, xtable, testthat

Released over 1 year ago.