network (1.7.2)

Classes for Relational Data.

Tools to create and modify network objects. The network class can represent a range of relational data types, and supports arbitrary vertex/edge/graph attributes.

Maintainer: Carter T. Butts
Author(s): Carter T. Butts <>, David Hunter <>, and Mark S. Handcock <>

License: GPL (>= 2)

Uses: sna
Reverse depends: BDgraph, Bergm, Blaunet, CCMnet, collpcm, dnr, EloRating, enaR, epibase, EpiModel, ergm, ergm.count, ergm.ego, ergm.graphlets, ergm.rank, ergm.userterms, fergm, haplotypes, hergm, ITNr, latentnet, latentnetHRT, lvm4net, melody, mlergm, mpa, ndtv, networkDynamic, networkDynamicData, networksis, OutbreakTools, RHMS, sidier, sna, snort, SparseTSCGM, statnet, statnetWeb, tergm, tnet, tsna, VBLPCM, xergm.common
Reverse suggests: amen, broom, chorrrds, degreenet, epinet, fssemR, GGally, GGMselect, ggraph, intergraph, MBCbook, NetMix, pegas, pulsar, QuantNorm, rattle, rDNA, RDS, RGraphics, RSiena, sand, sna, sparsebnUtils, sspse, texreg, tidygraph, tnet, vagalumeR, VineCopula
Reverse enhances: networkDynamic

Released over 6 years ago.