nimble (0.6-1)

Flexible BUGS-Compatible System for Hierarchical Statistical Modeling and Algorithm Development.

Flexible application of algorithms to models specified in the BUGS language. Algorithms can be written in the NIMBLE language and made available to any model.

Maintainer: Christopher Paciorek
Author(s): Perry de Valpine, Christopher Paciorek, Daniel Turek, Cliff Anderson- Bergman, Duncan Temple Lang

License: BSD_3_clause + file LICENSE

Uses: coda, igraph, R2WinBUGS, abind, ggplot2, xtable, rjags, testthat, rstan
Reverse depends: BayesNSGP, bcgam, exPrior, nimbleEcology
Reverse suggests: bridgesampling, ggmcmc

Released over 3 years ago.