nnet (7.3-14)

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Feed-Forward Neural Networks and Multinomial Log-Linear Models.


Software for feed-forward neural networks with a single hidden layer, and for multinomial log-linear models.

Maintainer: Brian Ripley
Author(s): Brian Ripley [aut, cre, cph], William Venables [cph]

License: GPL-2 | GPL-3

Uses: MASS
Reverse depends: abc, abn, ascrda, BaBooN, BaM, BarcodingR, BART, BayesTree, BCA, bcROCsurface, biomod2, caMassClass, car, CBPS, chemometrics, ChemometricsWithR, classifly, compositionsGUI, DAMisc, dave, depmixS4, difNLR, dlsem, effects, elect, epicalc, epiDisplay, fdm2id, forecast, fRegression, gamlss.add, gamlss.mx, GDAtools, gfmR, HIest, HydeNet, ImpactIV, introgress, ipred, ipw, isni, KsPlot, lmQCM, MDM, Metabonomic, mi, mice, mixedQF, mlDNA, nnc, partialOR, pocrm, pvsR, rasclass, rminer, RTextTools, SIDES, simPopulation, sodavis, spls, SQB, synthpop, TBFmultinomial, VBmix, VIM
Reverse suggests: AER, AICcmodavg, ALEPlot, aplore3, BAGofT, bamlss, BiodiversityR, biomod2, broom, buildmer, butcher, caret, caretEnsemble, catdata, causaldrf, ChemometricsWithR, clarkeTest, CLME, cvms, discSurv, DynTxRegime, e1071, effects, ExplainPrediction, fable, flexmix, fscaret, GAparsimony, generalhoslem, glmulti, GSIF, HandTill2001, hesim, Hmisc, hnp, huxtable, iBreakDown, insight, lda, lsmeans, MachineShop, margins, MASS, MatchIt, mboost, mi, mice, mlDNA, mlogit, mlr, mlr3learners, mlrMBO, mlt, mlt.docreg, mnlogit, MNLpred, MRIaggr, MuMIn, mvrsquared, NeuralSens, nnetpredint, ordinal, ordinalNet, pdp, performanceEstimation, personalized, plot3logit, pmml, psychomix, pubh, R2HTML, race, rattle, rbart, Rcmdr, RcmdrPlugin.BCA, RcmdrPlugin.IPSUR, RcmdrPlugin.NMBU, RcmdrPlugin.pointG, relimp, ROSE, seqHMM, shipunov, sparklyr, sperrorest, SPreFuGED, stablelearner, SuperLearner, validann, VBmix, vcdExtra, vip, VRPM, Zelig
Reverse enhances: emmeans, glmglrt, margins, prediction, stargazer, texreg

Released about 1 month ago.

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