numDeriv (2014.2-1)

Accurate Numerical Derivatives.

Methods for calculating (usually) accurate numerical first and second order derivatives. Accurate calculations are done using Richardson's extrapolation or, when applicable, a complex step derivative is available. A simple difference method is also provided. Simple difference is (usually) less accurate but is much quicker than Richardson's extrapolation and provides a useful cross-check. Methods are provided for real scalar and vector valued functions.

Maintainer: Paul Gilbert and Erik Meijer
Author(s): Paul Gilbert and Ravi Varadhan

License: GPL-2

Uses: Does not use any package
Reverse depends: alabama, antitrust, B2Z, bayesDccGarch, BB, bbmle, blm, BLPestimatoR, catIrt, CBPS, CompDist, CompLognormal, compound.Cox, condGEE, copCAR, corHMM, ctarma, dhglm, DIMORA, DOBAD, DoseFinding, dsm, embryogrowth, EstimationTools, fdasrvf, FENmlm, fgof, fishmethods, fracprolif, frailtyHL, GAS, ghyp, gsg, HGLMMM, HPbayes, isni, lava, lcpm, lmeNB, ltbayes, mdhglm, mederrRank, metRology, mets, mgpd, mipfp, mixlink, MPTinR, mvglmmRank, mvSLOUCH, nlmrt, nmw, optextras, optimx, OUwie, phenology, PKmodelFinder, PSM, QRM, Rcgmin, Renext, rugarch, Rvmmin, rxSeq, SemiMarkov, sensR, sgt, sn, SpeciesMix, ssym, STARSEQ, stremo, StVAR, tbd, ThresholdROC, turboEM, ucminf, wnl
Reverse suggests: aster, automultinomial, BB, DiceKriging, discSurv, diversitree, docopulae, DoseFinding, embryogrowth, emdbook, enrichwith, flacco, flexsurv, GauPro, gcKrig, geostatsp, glmx, gof, greybox, hesim, hhh4contacts, highfrequency, IGP, LAM, LambertW, lavaSearch2, lfe, lme4, markophylo, meta, metafor, miceadds, mlr, msm, nlmrt, nlsr, OpenMx, optimParallel, pi0, pso, psychomix, regsem, Renext, riskParityPortfolio, ROI, rpf, RSSL, schumaker, smooth, smovie, sna, sparseHessianFD, stsm, SuperGauss, surveillance, TestFunctions, timereg, TMB, ucminf, VineCopula, xtune

Released over 4 years ago.